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the Learning Engine         

The Learning Engine is the heart of the  Skills Academy and is the method used to assist learning. It consists of five steps which the learner travels through before, during and after the learning experience.

  • Part 1 Analyse Impartially
    Truly understanding the skills you need to deliver your business objectives is critical to your business success. 

  • Part 2 Prepare Collaboratively
    Ensuring both the business and individual understand the training programmes and related expectations will deliver superior results for all. 

  • Part 3 Deliver Powerfully
    Training that is delivered in an engaging informative manner will result in more enjoyment, retention and a better overall result.

  • Part 4 Follow through Thoroughly
    Ensuring you use any new skill is the vital step in achieving results and striving for excellence.

  • Part 5 Evaluate Honestly
    Asking how did we do and what can we build on will create the virtuous learning spiral required to move your business and employees to the next level and achieve excellence.